Justin Bieber Wants You To Know That He's Basically James Dean Now

Justin Bieber posted the following image to Instagram with the caption “This is James Dean inspired. Don’t ask me if I smoke ciggys cuz I don’t ♛,” followed by an actual photo of James Dean, just in case you needed clarification. Actually, the average Justin Bieber fan almost definitely needed clarification. So yeah. Justin Bieber is basically James Dean now. Only if someone said the word “ciggy” to James Dean I’m fairly confident they’d earn themselves a punch in the face. Also James Dean tragically died at 24 and Justin Bieber at 19 is still with us, so hopefully he’ll learn to drag race faster than 27MPH.

Does anyone else think it’s completely insane that these photos were taken respectively only a few years in age apart? James Dean looks like he could be Justin Bieber’s dad for f*ck’s sake.