Justin Bieber Was Allegedly Put In A Chokehold And Kicked Out Of Coachella

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Maybe Justin Bieber‘s attempts to seek redemption for his many, many past woes is honest. Or maybe it’s all just a bunch of PR fluff. Either way, he’s got a brand new bout of bad press heading his way, according to TMZ.

When the recently-roasted singer and his security posse tried to gain access via the artist’s entrance at Coachella, things turned sour when festival security stopped him at the door:

At that point a Coachella staffer came up to Bieber and said she would escort him inside the artist’s area. She grabbed Bieber by the arm and began walking him and his security team inside, when Coachella security came up from behind and put Bieber in a chokehold.

We’re told Bieber’s team got into it with security and the singer was then ordered to leave the festival.

All Bieber supposedly wanted to do was see his best buddy Drake perform. Alas, this chance meeting would never come to be — especially since Bieber refused to join the masses because he was worried “he’d get bombarded by fans.”

I wonder where Coachella’s best-dressed idiot was during all the action.

(Via TMZ)