Justin Bieber Was Booed And Taylor Swift Made A Funny Face At The Billboard Music Awards

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05.20.13 28 Comments

If you thought Miguel drop-kicking a fan was the best thing that happened at the Billboard Music Awards last night, well, you’re probably right. But this is pretty amazing, too: Justin Bieber was booed by his loyal-at-least-until-another-boy-who-looks-like-a-Canadian-lesbian-comes-along fanbase. Or in the immortal words of the sleep-deprived capuchin monkeys who work at TMZ:

Justin Bieber was straight up BOOED at the Billboard Music Awards last night .. and not like 1 or 2 people … it was a straight up CHORUS of boos … and it made Justin super uncomfortable.

It all went down when Cee Lo called on Bieber to receive the first ever Milestone Award — but when Bieb got to the stage, the crowd turned on him.

There were some screams from the hardcore Bieber fans … and JB silenced the haters for a minute by thanking Jesus Christ (who’s gonna boo JC?) … but overall, more boos than a haunted house. (Via)

Never change, TMZ. Never change. But what does Taylor Swift think about this whole thing?

I think I’m in love with Taylor Swift now.

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