Justin Timberlake Let His Country Side Show By Covering A George Jones Classic At The CMAs

Justin Timberlake hit the stage with Chris Stapleton and essentially managed to tear the roof down at the 2015 CMAs with a country classic. The duo broke out the George Jones hit “Tennessee Whiskey” and then moved into a cover of Timberlake’s “Drink You Away.” We’ve seen Timberlake do country before, showing he’s much more than just that Star Search performance, but this performance seems to be garnering some buzz and impressing fans.

For someone who isn’t too up to date on modern country, the performance is actually something special. Any time that a Jones song gets some play in the public eye, one has to take notice and enjoy it. It helps that the cover isn’t junk, too. If it were junk, we might be having a different discussion right now, about how the CMAs ended in a riot of confusion and the spirits of the dead rose from their slumber to take back the twang.

I would enjoy that, just for the sheer chaos of it all. And maybe a little bit out of spite too (where’s my talent)?

(Via ABC)

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