Justin Timberlake’s Outdoorsy ‘Man Of The Woods’ Video Is Good Clean Fun Featuring Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake’s Man Of The Woods isn’t a country album (that much as been made clear), but that doesn’t mean it’s an album afraid to get its hands dirty in the great outdoors. To celebrate today’s release of his fifth album, Timberlake has shared a new video for the record’s title track, and it shows JT playfully embracing his more naturalistic side.

In the clip, directed by Paul Hunter, Timberlake mades a hard pivot away from the more futuristic and sinister clips of Man Of The Woods singles “Filthy” and “Supplies,” and instead turns in one of the most fun and innocent videos he’s ever released. It begins with Timberlake in an open field with a deer casually by his side, donning a red flannel shirt and singing to the camera about a lady he’ll brag about “to anyone outside.”

He then opens up a treasure map, complete with a red X marking his destination, and his precarious and lighthearted journey begins. Timberlake then crosses a canyon on a felled tree, jaunts past some campsites, and eventually reaches his destination, where he finds his lady (his real-life wife Jessica Biel) and enjoys a romantic dance with her before the two walk off into the woods arm-in-arm. Oh, and let’s not forget the singing four-Justin quartet.

Overall, it’s a really sweet video for a cute light pop song (that I contend is at least a little bit country with the slide guitar accents on the song), so check it out above.