Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Doesn’t Care For Beyonce Doing Sponsorship Deals With Pepsi

09.24.16 3 years ago 6 Comments

Bon Iver maestro Justin Vernon would prefer if Pepsi and the almighty Beyoncé kept their distance from one another. (No, Vernon is not a co-owner of RC Cola. Get that conspiracy theory outta here.)

In a recent chat with The Guardian, the folk rocker talked about a variety of subjects ranging from his Bon Iver hiatus (“I had mental stuff, stuff I felt needed healing.”) to Kanye West (“Kanye speaks of how you have to love yourself. And believe in yourself.”) to his upcoming record 22, A Million (It’s sorrow and pain explaining joy, and family, and fear of death, and love.). You may have popped in to see what new details have been wrung out about his new release, but let’s be real: Justin Vernon talking about Beyoncé is the star attraction of this one-on-one because Beyoncé is always the star attraction everywhere she goes.

Vernon shared a bit of his philosophy with the UK paper and expressed disappointment that a star like Beyonce would snap up a sponsorship deal with Pepsi.

“You can never be self-righteous, but it’s okay to be a little righteous. You have to believe in something. Like, I’d prefer Beyoncé didn’t do a Pepsi tour. Do not take two million dollars from Pepsi and be a role model for young girls. Do not do that. That stuff does anger me. And I feel like I am not afraid to talk about that stuff.”

*gives you a second to have a think whether or not Pepsi is standing in the way of young girls finding Beyonce to be a worthy role model*

Speaking of tours and the like, here’s what Vernon shared with The Guardian about his live approach.

“Hopefully, people will understand that I will come and play for you, I will get to you, eventually, in your city, but when I get there hopefully we will play something more special, we won’t just play some gig, we’ll have thought about it,” offers Vernon. “We won’t just be ‘Hello Cleveland-ing!’ through our lives.”

Bon Iver’s new album, 22, A Million, is lined up for a September 30 release. Read Steven Hyden’s in-depth feature on it here.

(Via The Guardian)

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