Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Shares Blurry, Dancy Four Tet Remix Of ‘I Will Make Room For You’

Experimental analog synth master Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s “I Will Make Room For You” has been remixed by Four Tet. You can hear the song above.

Smith’s original, taken from her most recent album, The Kid, is a largely orchestral work, with pulses of electronics bubbling beneath the dizzying strings and brass.

Four Tet’s Kieran Hebden brings those electronic elements to the forefront of his remix, upping the tempo and percussion to support Smith’s filtered vocal. Hebden also doubles the track’s length, letting him revel in the groove he built for Smith. The last half of the song finds him adding more percussive elements that give the song a stronger sense of momentum and let the idea play out to its logical end.

Though the two performers come from disparate scenes in the electronic world, both share a kind of reverence for warm production, Smith in analog synths, Hebden in organic percussion, that make the two ideal collaborators.

Ultimately, “I Will Make Room For You” is one of the strongest choices for a remix from The Kid, as the song is about wanting to explore the universe with a partner, its message of finding communion with someone else speaking to Hebden’s complimentary remix, and the album’s spiritual themes.

The Kid came out on 10/6 via Western Vinyl. You can order it here.