Kal Penn Is Serious About Wanting Cardi B To Officiate His Wedding: ‘I’d Be Super Down’

Kal Penn revealed recently that he is engaged to a man named Josh, who has been his partner for the past 11 years. This was the first time that the actor publicly declared he is gay. As far as the wedding goes, he may have found himself an officiant in Cardi B. Cardi officiated a same-sex wedding in a recent episode of Cardi Tries, so she’s legally able to get Penn and Josh hitched. Penn and Cardi actually went back and forth on Twitter recently and seemingly made plans for Cardi to officiate Penn’s wedding. While that could have just been chalked up to a fun Twitter interaction of no real consequence, Penn says that he would genuinely like Cardi to conduct his wedding ceremony.

He and Jimmy Kimmel discussed the situation on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, and when Kimmel asked if Cardi is actually going to do the ceremony, Penn replied, “I hope so!”

Penn went on to speak about Indian weddings and how long they can be, lasting for days and days. After Kimmel joked that Penn wasn’t making it easy for Cardi to make that sort of commitment, Penn clarified, “Let me be clear: we need ten minutes of her time.” Penn wrapped up the conversation by noting, “She’s wonderful, I’d be super down.”

Check out the full interview above.

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