Kanye And Kim’s Wedding Dance To John Legend Will Remind You What True Love Is

This is Kanye and Kim dancing at their wedding just one year ago. Can you believe it’s only been a year? What love! It’s taken them all around the world, through several reality show specials, product releases, fashion weeks, other other celebrity weddings. It’s a real whirlwind when Kimye goes globe-trotting!

Anyway, because momager-in-law Kris Jenner must control the narrative, and only publish ***exclusive***, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN photos on her Instagram, we’re only now enjoying the secret luxury of their splendid matrimony.

The caption:

Happy First Anniversary @kimkardashian #KanyeWest and thank you for taking us all on your Magical Mystery Ride …. One of the best weeks of my life…and thank you @johnlegend for this amazing memory… #family #love #allofme #florenceitaly

Whew. Thank God for that.

Take a 15-second look at true love, drowning in millions of selfies, but ever selfless. The bedazzled gown and the human lullaby that is John Legend remind you that fairy tales do come true for the richest and most talented people.

This enchanting couple, who rightly goes by a single title, “Kimye,” gives us a moment to reflect on our reflections. They prove it’s possible to fall in love with yourself falling in love with someone else. No small feat.

An appraisal after a brilliant year of their union evokes two words: Relationship Goals.