Kanye Tweeted Then Deleted An Attack On Nike

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Kanye threw down the gauntlet with Nike in his first tweet in years, and then in classic Kanye fashion deleted it before most people saw it.


Kanye has long feuded with rival shoe companies like Puma, and Nike, and it looked like he was outright accusing Nike of trying to rip off his Addidas line of sneakers –The Yeezy– and their aesthetic. This first tweet came after a day of speculation in regards to the status of Kanye’s account. It was revealed earlier in an interview with Axel Vervoordt over at the Hollywood Reporter that Kanye was hard at work on a philosophy text which he called Break The Simulation.

Kanye, of course, is already a published author. His first book –released in 2009– was called Thank You And You’re Welcome and consisted of over fifty pages, most of which actually had words on them —seriously. At the time, most people assumed the reason Kanye was releasing a book full of trite witticisms like “Get Used To Being Used” and “I Hate The Word Hate” was his response to not having a Twitter account.

It’s somewhat ironic that only hours after his new book was announced, Kanye actually re-activated his previously dormant Twitter account. To be fair, the world has changed a lot since Kanye last tweeted. Mark Zuckerberg is probably even less likely to loan Yeezy fifty million for his t-shirt company, a Bill Cosby tweet would be even less well received, and Pacific Rim — his favorite movie — has a disappointing sequel out now. With this Nike callout out of the way and into the memory hole, let’s hope we can look forward to more philosophy and logic bombs like “now is now” or “Evian is naive spelled backward.”