Kanye Sold One Of His $500K Tanks With A Broken DVD Player Stuck Playing A K-Pop Video On Repeat

During the rollout of his album Jesus Is King, Kanye West could often be seen cruising around in a tank-like ATV, chasing antelopes on his ranch in Wyoming, giving away Yeezy sneakers in his native Chicago, and gifting them to his rapper friends like 2 Chainz. Today, TMZ reports that we might be seeing fewer ATV-related shenanigans from the rapper, though, as he has sold one to the stars of the Discovery Channel reality show, Diesel Brothers.

Dave “Heavy D” Sparks, one of the two titular “brothers” (they are actually friends in real life, not siblings), told TMZ that initially, Kanye had contacted them to do some work on the Ripsaw EV2 vehicles, but timing prevented them from ever being able to actually do it. However, last October, a rep told them that Kanye wanted to sell the truck, which he’d reportedly bought for $500,000. According to Sparks, there’s a DVD player built into the dash that only plays one K-Pop music video on an endless loop. Maybe it’s one of North’s? The “brothers” say they can’t get it to stop without yanking the whole DVD player — which would be a prime reason for getting rid of the whole vehicle, in my opinion.