Kanye West Shares A Snippet Of His Collaboration With DaBaby

Kanye West is making more headlines for his election antics and his war against the recording industry than for his music these days but over the weekend, it seems he was inspired to return to his day job for at least a little while to share some new tunes via his Twitter. The first was “Nah Nah Nah,” a celebratory, freeform single addressing some of his 2020 shenanigans with clever pop culture references, while on Sunday, he teased an upcoming collaboration with DaBaby.

Just 12 hours later, DaBaby had already sent a verse and Kanye was so excited about it, he just had to share it with the world. The 16-second snippet he posted to Twitter found the North Carolina rapper doing his thing over a signature flute loop and driving drums, preemptively reacting to the criticism he knew he was sure to receive for working with perceived pariah Kanye. “Let me get ’em, Ye,” he snarls, “They gon’ hate on a young n**** anyway / They only coppin’ when they havin’ bills to pay / Ain’t nobody asked me how I feel today.”

And hey, he might have a point. In 2020 alone, DaBaby has been yelled at online for accidentally punching a woman who flashed her camera in his face, not switching his flow up, eating a Chik-Fil-a sandwich, and for headlining a post-pandemic concert with no masks, yet I could only find one tweet from anyone asking him how he was all year.

Say what you want about DaBaby crossing the proverbial picket line to work with agent of chaos Kanye, but maybe we could at least check on these artists’ health before berating them for every little thing — even if they do (sometimes) deserve it.

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