Does This Billboard Suggest That A Drake And Kanye Collaboration Is On The Way?

Did Drake get a bunch of gift certificates from billboard companies for his birthday? Earlier this week, Drizzy went full Milhouse and congratulated Rihanna on her upcoming Video Vanguard coronation using a billboard and now the advertising medium is being used to possibly tease something else.

The billboard you see at the top of this post (h/t r/hiphopheads) features the logos for Drake’s OVO empire and Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music positioned in an awfully chummy manner. It’s not like there haven’t been previous teases of a landmark team-up record between the two parties, but this splashy bit of L.A. advertising seems to suggest something of note is coming. Or maybe they’re just putting out a line of designer windbreakers together. We’ll just have to be patient to find what’s going down exactly and then give up on patience when Kanye doesn’t bring it up during his allotted VMAs time.

If you’re in the mood to daydream about what might be on the way, why not revisit Kanye’s “is y’all ready for this album?” proclamation at Drake’s OVO Fest box social? And how about this Instagram picture? Two buds buddying it up like professional buddies. Here’s hoping we get some slice of magic from the duo in the not too distant future.

(Via Complex)