That Guy Kanye West Punched Is Getting What He Deserves

Remember not too long ago when the normally level-headed Kanye West was accused of punching an 18 year old in a Chiropractor’s waiting room for dropping racial slurs? Well, in America, the easiest way to make loads of cash, like Kanye’s wife, is to make a sex tape, or get punched in the face by her husband. Via TMZ:

The guy Kanye West beat up in the waiting room of a Beverly Hills chiropractor hit the jackpot … scoring a settlement of MORE THAN $250,000 … TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the negotiations tell us … the young man who allegedly hurled racial epithets at Kim earlier this month has agreed to the civil settlement and now feels satisfied enough that he does NOT want to go forward with a criminal prosecution.

He feels satisfied enough? This story really has me torn. I dislike people that are racist in every way imaginable, but I also wish someone threw the Kardashians into shark tank whilst covered in unicorn blood, and Kanye West tossed into bubbling hot mercury whilst holding an ice cream cone (It’s my fantasy). That’s if I’m feeling frisky. Usually, I just change the channel, or highlight icons on my desktop, or win marathons.

Law enforcement sources tell us … the D.A. has not decided whether to charge Kanye with battery. The reality is … there’s almost no chance of that happening.  First, the D.A. now has an uncooperative victim.  Second, the victim’s alleged racial epithets will not sit well with the jury.  And there are probably lots of Kanye fans in the jury pool.

Let’s face it, if you do anything illegal in Beverly Hills when you’re famous, nothing happens. If Jennifer Lawrence drove her car into a special needs parade, the police would ask her if she needed a ride home, or at most, a fine of 100 community hours of playing with puppies.

What you can take from this entire story is that everybody involved is awful. Heck, even I’m awful because I’m writing about it. Just kidding, my Mom said I’m the coolest most handsome man she’s ever met. Thanks, Mom!

Source: TMZ, Image via Getty