Kanye West Is Apparently ‘Retiring From Professional Music,’ As He Supposedly Told A Collaborator

Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign fans are currently waiting for Vultures 2, and it’s currently unknown when the project will surface. In fact, based on what Ye supposedly just said, it looks like it may never come out at all.

On his Instagram Story today (July 9), Rich The Kid shared what is allegedly a screenshot of a text message conversation between Kanye West and himself. In it, West writes, “I am retiring from professional music. Not sure what else to do.”

Rich responds, “Retire? Why ? How ? The ppl NEED you the music you & Ty & we have made was the BIGGEST STAMP in culture to this date In 2024. Drop Ye about mine & V2 and we do it all over again the kids need you big bra fasho maybe some time to chill but retiring ain’t it.”

West has certainly become a controversial figure in recent years, but if he were to retire today and not release any more music, his body of work as it stands now would be among the all-time greats.

He has 11 No. 1 albums to his name, making him one of only a few artists with at least 10. West also has five No. 1 singles, starting with 2005’s “Gold Digger” and most recently with his latest one, “Carnival” alongside Ty Dolla Sign, Rich The Kid, and Playboi Carti. He has earned 75 Grammy Award nominations and picked up 24 wins.