Kehlani’s ‘Honey’ Video Is A Sunny And Sexy Celebration Of The Androgynous Woman

In 2017, Kehlani made the leap from Internet sensation to bonafide superstar and she did it with a ton of hard work and a steady stream of releases, beginning with her debut album SweetSexySavage back in January. From there she popped up on soundtracks and as a featured guest, maintaining a constant presence throughout the year, even hitting big investing the tech world. But music fans in the streaming era are constantly demanding more, and Kehlani is clearly up for the challenge as she returned in October with a sunny and stripped down new single “Honey.”

Now, along with being one of the guest features on Eminem’s much-anticipated return album Revival, Kehlani is back with the video for “Honey” that is ripe with symbolism and deeper meaning for the 22-year-old singer. Kehlani, who has openly identified as bisexual, took to Instagram to reveal the extra thought she put into picking her co-star for the video, and the significance of making sure it was an androgynous female rather than a more typical aesthetic.

“There were particular reasons why I chose AJ for this video,” Kehlani said in an Instagram post following the video’s release. “This song was inspired by an androgynous woman, and I wanted to find someone who fell in line with that, who was “hard” yet so so soft (yes, like a bee). I was asked ‘why not use a feminine girl?’ but I knew I wanted to honor the inspiration, and paint the picture of the sweet tender aspect that shines through every woman, no matter what.” Check out the video for Kehlani’s “Honey” above.