Kendrick Lamar Won’t Allow Lil Wayne To Retire And He Will Rap Weezy’s Songs To Keep Him Here

At this point, it’s well established that Kendrick Lamar is as big a Lil Wayne fan as there is. Before his career took off he dedicated an entire mixtape to mimicking his idol and with Wayne’s sudden retirement it was only a matter of time before K. Dot chimed it. So when Cornrow Kenny hopped in front of a camera to voice his opinion on the matter, it should be no surprise that he’s upset, screaming “F*ck that!” at the mere idea of Wayne “retiring, quitting rap, whatever you wanna call it.”

In the three-minute video Kendrick raps some of his favorite songs from Wayne’s 500 Degreez and his Tunechi impression is stout. He has the trademark, nasally, high-pitched voice down, like any true Weezy fan, and clearly hasn’t forgotten the words to the songs from a 14-year-old album.

“Public service announcement, n***a. We in the moterf***in’ studio. 5:32 in the motherf***in’ morning. N****s talkin’ bout Sqad Up, that’s cliche!” he screams into the camera, perhaps drunkenly. “We going all the way back, when he was motherf***in’ 16, 15 years old on some Hot Boy sh*t. Day one. N****a talking ’bout retiring and sh*t. F*** that, n***a! Retire, quitting rap, whatever you wanna call it. F**k that, n***a.”

So there you have it, if Cornrow Kenny has anything to say about it Wayne won’t be retiring anytime soon. Thankfully. Now these two just need to link up for another collaboration, it’s long overdue. One thing we know for sure, the respect is mutual. Wayne got wind of K. Dot’s tribute and responded to it by saying “Kendrick Lamar a real one #Respek.”