Kendrick Lamar’s Mysterious Website Now Has Hundreds Of Folders And Fans Are Puzzled

A couple days ago, Kendrick Lamar shared some long-awaited news: His next album is called Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers and it’s set for release on May 13. Lamar revealed the news on his mysterious website, which fans noticed last night has been updated. It’s not currently clear exactly what this new update means, though.

Currently, features a window full of numbered, retro-looking computer folders, like the ones that were on the site when the album announcement was made. Since that update has gone live, fans have been clamoring to figure out what’s going on.

Fans tried opening all the folders on the page, but each one leads to the same error page. One fan dug into the site’s code and found that every folder is set to lead to the error page, even the one black folder that is labeled “important.” Furthermore, somebody else noticed the amount of folders on the page actually changes relative to your internet browser window; I was able to get as few as 11 folders to show up by decreasing the size of the window and increasing the page zoom (I actually got to nothing showing up at all by making the window as small as possible), and over 5,000 folders by doing the inverse. With default settings, my browser displayed around 500 folders.

Even with the functionality of the website figured out on a technical level, that still hasn’t solved the mystery of what it means. Some have speculated that given the page’s URL, “The Heart Part 5,” a sequel to 2017’s “The Heart Part 4,” is coming soon. Others believe that at a certain point, the “important” folder will be updated, perhaps to direct to new music from Lamar.

Whatever’s going on here, Lamar and his team have come up with an intriguing way to get fans excited about new music, so kudos.