Watch Kendrick Lamar Crash A Wedding And Dab To Whitney Houston

11.16.15 2 years ago

Kendrick Lamar crashed a wedding party in Columbus, Ohio last month. K-Dot tried to get the decidedly un-lit reception going with a bit of well-placed dabbing to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” but was caught almost immediately by one angry attendee.

In the video courtesy of TMZ, you can hear the wedding-goer repeatedly asking Lamar’s posse to prove that they belong at the party by naming the bride and groom.

“You guys in this party?” he asks. “Who’s getting married?”

Things get tense in the video as Kendrick makes his way around the dance floor with the questioner telling Kendrick and his friends to “get the f*ck out.”

According to TMZ, someone recognized Kendrick and the situation was defused.

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(Via Stereogum)

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