Kevin Abstract’s Inspirational ‘Baby Boy’ Video Rolled Out The Next Portion Of His ‘Ghetto Baby’ Album

Kevin Abstract’s new album is receiving one of the more innovative rollouts in recent memory. The Brockhampton frontman spent weeks teasing Arizona Baby, the three-song single release that kicked the whole thing off last week. Today, he released the first video for Ghetto Baby, another three-song project that seems to be both its own project and part of a longer tracklist for what will possibly be a longer album built up of both the smaller projects — and possibly even more parts to be released in the future.

The video for “Baby Boy,” Ghetto Baby‘s Jack Antonoff-produced lead single, opens with a young man complimenting his platonic female friend, uplifting her with inspirational affirmations before switching to a split screen performance sequence that finds Kevin leading a large group in a nighttime shoot as well as performing the song solo. It ends with Abstract at the front of a march of fans dressed in similar outfits trudging away down the street like zombies as the instrumentation swells to a sax-laden, genre-twisting crescendo.

With Kevin shifting gears to release his solo project in multiple parts, fans began to speculate that Brockhampton had broken up, but Kevin shot down that assumption on Twitter, writing: BROCKHAMPTON IS NOT BREAKING UP THE NEW MUSIC SOUNDS GOOD AS HELL WE JUST NOT SPENDING 10 DAYS ON ALBUMS NO MORE.” He explained his recent burst of solo productivity as the result of creating songs that wouldn’t fit in the group context, but wanting to put it out anyway, tweeting: “I’ve been making a ton of music some for the group some for me just bc some shit is too personal / self indulgent to Put on a group album and thats also a dif character all together but this summer I want all that shit out tired of holding records Back.”

Ghetto Baby is due later tonight.