Key Glock Kicks Off His 2021 Campaign With A Menacing Video For ‘Off The Porch’

If there’s anything you know about Key Glock, it’s that the Memphis rapper is always hard at work when it comes to his music. The proof behind that statement arrives through a new video which arrives just six days into the new year. Key Glock shared his new song and visual for “Off The Porch” to officially kick off his 2021 campaign. Unlike his previous videos that erred on the rambunctious and raucous side of things, Key Glock’s latest effort is a bit simpler, yet equally captivating. It finds the Memphis rapper in a dark setting with just a bright yellow car and a BMX bike behind him as he lays his menacing raps into a silver microphone that hangs just above his head.

Key Glock’s latest visual comes after he blessed his fans in 2020 with two projects: Yellow Tape and Son Of A Gun. Both albums were entirely solo efforts that showed a sharp improvement in his music. He backed up the project with videos for songs like “1997,” “Rich Blessed N Savage,” and “Son Of A Gun,” all of which added to his portfolio for an impressive 2020. As for what’s in store for Key Glock in 2021, that remains to be seen but if the “Off The Porch” serves as evidence for the future, you can expect a lot of good things from the Memphis native this year.

You can watch the “Off The Porch” video above.