Kiana Lede Reflects On An ‘Irresponsible’ Past Lover In Her Somber New Video

Kiana Lede doesn’t hold back in her new video for “Irresponsible.” The single is heartfelt and painful, as she reflects on a failed relationship with a past lover who bit off more than he could chew, and the accompanying somber video follows suit.

Though the I Am Woman artist is dressed to the nines, she is hardly in a festive mood. The video shows scenes of her embracing her lover and other scenes where her face conveys crippling sadness. She looks into a mirror at the woman she has become due to giving her all to someone who could not reciprocate. “You were someone I thought was careful with me / Instead you left me in pieces / If this ain’t where you wanted to be, you should’ve at least manned up and just let me be,” she sings.

“Irresponsible” is Kiana Lede’s third release of the year, following her collaboration with Destin Conrad, entitled “Unpredictable.” The Phoenix artist shared the EP I Am Woman back in March, which included “Cancelled.,” “Forfeit.,” featuring Lucky Daye, and “Chocolate.,” featuring Ari Lennox, all of which appeared on her 2020 album Kiki. “None For You.” was part of the deluxe version of Kiki and “If You Hate Me” came from her 2019 EP Myself.

Check out Kiana Lede’s new video for “Irresponsible” above.