King Von Is Reportedly Dead At 26 After Being Shot At A Nightclub In Atlanta

Chicago rapper King Von is reportedly dead at the age of 26 after being shot at an Atlanta nightclub, according to sources close to the emerging star. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that five people were shot at Monaco Hookah Lounge, with three killed and two injured. According to witnesses, two groups of people got into an argument in the parking lot which became physical. The altercation escalated to shooting, drawing the attention of two police officers working near the lounge. Gunfire was exchanged with the officers, leaving three people injured and one in critical condition.

Rumors flew online in the aftermath saying that the two crews involved in the altercation were those of King Von and local rapper Quando Rondo. Those reports have thus far been unconfirmed. The officers were not injured and police didn’t know whether the officers actually shot anyone. Meanwhile, Fox 5 Atlanta reports a sixth person injured by a fleeing vehicle; police are searching for the driver. Von’s death was confirmed by a number of sources close to the rapper, including Shade 45 producer Justin Hunte and producer ChopsquadDJ, who produced Von’s hit “Take Her To The O.”

Before the incident, Von was rapidly rising through rap’s ranks to become a hot commodity over the past year. As a member of Lil Durk’s Only The Family label, he was co-signed by one of the Windy City’s most prominent hip-hop stars and released two projects in 2020, the Levon James mixtape released in March and his debut album Welcome To O-Block, which released just a week ago.