Kodak Black Gleefully Celebrates His Homecoming In The New ‘There He Go’ Video

Kodak Black just got out of jail last week, but he’s wasting no time getting back to releasing music. His new track and video “There He Go” seems to have been recorded as quickly as possible, with references to his release “about a day ago” and a video full of his friends and family celebrating his return. It’s definitely a rush job, but it’s an infectious one and it’s impossible to bag on a celebratory song that contains the phrase “stuntin’ like a Power Ranger.” Check it out up top.

The video seems to be Black making good on a promise he made on Instagram immediately following his release.

“I’m happy to finally be going home to my family and friends,” Kodak wrote underneath an image of him smiling as he left the jail. “I look forward to clearing my name in the very near future…I can’t wait to get back to doing what I love most – working at being the illest rapper alive.”

Kodak spent most of 2016 incarcerated on drug charges in his home state of Florida. The need to clear his name is in reference to sexual battery charges he still faces in South Carolina. The rapper was extradited there to face those charges once his Florida stint ended, and he posted $100,000 bond to be released.

Black stands accused of forcing himself on a fan in a Florence, SC hotel room. The victim claims that Kodak repeatedly bit her and ignored her pleas that he stop. If convicted, he faces up to 30 years in prison.