You Can Now Hear Kurt Cobain’s Unedited Thoughts, Thanks To MTV

Montage of Heck has now been seen by the wider world, but Kurt Cobain nuggets continue to be unearthed. We’ve already learned that an album of Cobain solo recordings will be out later this year, and we heard the set that Nirvana played the night before Nevermind was released. MTV has now released the raw, unedited interview Cobain gave for a 1994 special.

Spanning nearly 40 minutes, Cobain touches on a wide breadth of topics, including his opinions and the back stories on many of Nirvana’s music videos, his stomach issues and his daughter, Frances Bean.

He thought music videos were not quite worth the effort, calling them “a lot of work” with a lot of room for error. To Cobain, making music for those who wanted to hear the sound was more important than a video for the mainstream. Interestingly, he also says flat-out that his stomach problems made him “suicidal,” which is significant because conspiracy theorists who believe Cobain’s death was a murder point to lack of suicidal tendencies as part of their reasoning. (He also takes a few minutes to rip Tool.)

Still, Cobain appears very placid in the interview, recorded just months before his death in April 1994. There’s no indication that the tragedy of his death was imminent.

(Via whatevs dot org, h/t Glorious Noise)