The ‘Labyrinth’ Honest Trailer Is Here To Remind You How ‘F*cking Awesome’ David Bowie Was

Anyone who has spent even a moment listening to David Bowie doesn’t need a reminder of how awesome he was (especially after the waves on waves of incredible tributes drove the point home), but this Honest Trailer for Labyrinth is there for anyone who’s a bit slow on the uptake.

Hardcore Labyrinth fans be warned, though: Screen Junkies knows that the only reason anyone watches this movie is for Bowie, so they ask us to look past the “so-so acting and meandering plot” to get to all of Bowie’s scene-stealing appearances as Jareth, The Goblin King (and the swinging Goblin Prince in his tights). That’s not to say that Bowie hasn’t been in some great movies, he has, but as someone who didn’t catch this movie until I was an adult, I can fully admit that it’s no shock to hear the admission in the trailer that the movie doesn’t hold up. Well… that’s not entirely true. You can still get a lot of joy if you play “Magic Dance” on repeat for an hour and a half.

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