Lady Gaga Belting Out Led Zeppelin’s ‘Black Dog’ Will Floor You

Lady Gaga is an incredibly talented vocalist. This has never really been in dispute, but sometimes it needs to be driven home, given how often people love to undermine female pop stars. Sorry haters, Joanne is a great album — particularly if you listen to it with a completely open mind.

Mother Monster popped by unlikely election figure Howard Stern’s satellite radio outpost for an interview and a surprising cover. Stern asked Gaga about her work with a Led Zeppelin cover band and that was all the prompting needed for Gaga to let out a Plantesque wail of “Black Dog.” It’s as if Gaga is in a state of catlike readiness to belt out stuff off Led Zeppelin IV and that’s a lovely skill to have. One that had Stern asking, “That’ll tear your voice up, right?”

Gaga’s response?

“If you don’t know how to sing, yeah,” offered the pop megastar. It didn’t take long for a vocal chords and vaginas to be linked together, because it’s Howard Stern and sex is one of his favorite topics to bring up with guests.

You can catch Gaga’s Led Zeppelin homage above. For more Gaga/Stern discussion and bathing suit area talk, enjoy this story of a dedicated approach to styling employed for Gaga’s Saturday Night Live appearance.