Listen To The Premiere Of Lana Del Rey’s New Track ‘Honeymoon’

For those who yearn to once again be glamorous and gloomy all at the same time: Your time has come. After weeks of mysterious video clips and audio teasers from Lana Del Rey, her new single “Honeymoon” (from the album of the same name) is finally here. Staying true to her word, she’s getting away from the sound that was on Ultraviolence and attempting more of the aesthetic of Born to Die.

But it’s not all back to lo-fi sounds and Super 8 film. Truth be told, it’s a mix between old and new. The wistfulness and banshee-like vocals of earlier Lana are here, but it’s also supported by the ornate instrumentation of something like “Summertime Sadness.” The balance is probably where Lana ultimately wants to be as an artist, and it works out quite well.

So, grab your ungodly expensive bottle of Champagne and get ready to roll around in a field soundtracked by desolation. Or, you know, hit play on the YouTube video above.

(Via YouTube)

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