Lana Del Rey’s ‘White Mustang’ Video Is A Romance For The End Of The World

09.13.17 5 months ago

Few musicians write music that lends itself as well to music videos as Lana Del Rey does. Maybe it’s the fact that her music is built on cinematic reference points and vivid visual imagery. Maybe it is because it is so evocative, building atmospheres that demand visual images to accompany them. Or maybe it’s just because Lana Del Rey is such a fully-formed artist that the entire presentation for her songs is present in each form of its creation.

Regardless of why Del Rey’s music is so perfect for music videos, her latest clip for “White Mustang” is further evidence of her bona fides as a visually-focused artist. In the video for the Lust For Life track, Del Rey stars opposite Icelandic actor Eðvarð Egilsson as the pair share sensual glances and long caresses in a Hollywood Hills mansion. As the narrative unfolds, the couple drives through the LA night, dances tenderly in the road, and eventually part with a sense of unfulfilled lust.

The clip emphasizes desire, but its most haunting image is that of a rocket launch that shoots up from the background. The video for “White Mustang” ultimately feels like a romance for the end of the world, showing how even in the most perilous of times, we still hold the capacity to love. The video was directed by Rich Lee, who also directed Lana’s lead single off Lust For Life, “Love.”

Check out the clip for Lana Del Rey’s “White Mustang” above. Her great new album, Lust For Life, is out now.

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