There’s One Person Leon Bridges Can’t Live Without Musically

05.22.15 4 years ago

We’ve already mentioned why we’re all for soul singer Leon Bridges and his forthcoming global takeover in our Next Big Thing. Well, the throwback crooner has spoken exclusively to Instagram and shed some light about the creative partner in his life no one really knows… his exclusive photographer Rambo.

As they tell Instagram, Leon was still gigging independently, and Rambo was recovering from being mugged, using photography to express herself. On a whim, she cold-messaged him to see if he’d like to work together:

“Their story begins in 2014, after Rambo sees Leon in concert for the first time. Still new to photography, she decides to send him an unsolicited message after the show, asking if she can take his picture. Leon accepts.

They would eventually meet face-to-face, on a rainy day in Fort Worth, Texas. The first photo they worked on was taken on her porch, with Leon in silhouette, holding a guitar. Talk soon turned to mutual interests, of which they had many. They both ate Chipotle, both watched cartoons and both liked listening to music. They were friends before the day was out.”

Tex-Mex just has that kind of unifying power. Anyway, now that they’re working together, the “Coming Home” singer says that people don’t often understand that she’s a part of his act and that he essentially won’t make music without her:

“‘We haven’t seen an artist appreciate photography in a really long time, which is cool because there is a whole market of people like me,’ said Rambo, earlier in the day.

‘And it’s cool for me,’ added Leon. ‘I couldn’t do this music thing without her.'”

It’s a pretty cool story about two artists who were stuck and helped each other out of a jam. The entire interview is available on Instagram.

(Via Instagram)

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