Let’s Speculate Where The Name ‘Maroon 5’ Comes From With Adam Levine

Unbeknownst to me, the origins of the name Maroon 5 are a tightly guarded secret by the band. David Letterman “grills” Adam Levine on the subject, only to get the weakest answer possible for his trouble.

“It’s such a bad story” is probably the worst reason and the only mystery involved here is why anyone would listen to Maroon 5 willingly.

I can admit that I once listened to the band and talked about them to impress a girl in high school. But high school me was a king of the pussies and I have noted many times that his ass would get kicked the day that time travel is invented. It won’t be worth it unless I’m walking away with a time induced limp.

Still, I wonder what the real story could be? Let’s speculate shall we?

Could it be the result of a murder the band committed in their early days? Murder doesn’t have to be a bad event, especially if you’re a crazy, murder loving individual like Adam Levine could be.

Perhaps it’s a reference to their favorite shade of lipstick from the time the original three members had to pretend to be burlesque girls to assassinate Hitler. The feisty kraut had a thing for hairy legs. Always possible.

Maybe a maroon 5 is their favorite group sexual position and they’d just rather not ruin the memory that sparked a band. It was perfect. Guess we’ll never truly know. Or care.

(Via The Late Show)