This Fiscally Responsible Rapper Filmed The Cheapest Music Video Ever

With his last handful of videos, rapper Lil Dicky has tackled such controversial social issues as white crime, sexual inactivity (if you don’t use it, you lose it, ya know), and the trickle-down patriarchy that is modern bro culture.

For his latest trick, Dicky got real meta with a fiscally responsible joint for his new single, “Save Dat Money.”

The video features Dicky and a small crew — two cameras, no lights — asking to use various locations for free, so as to film a lavish rap video on the cheap. Dicky and Co. cop a Lamborghini, bottle service and use of a private yacht for FREE and crashed T-Pain’s video shoot for the classic rap video shots.

You’ll see shots of Kevin Durant, Sarah Silverman, Mark Cuban, and other celebrities urging people to properly budget their personal finances before Dicky argues with a waiter over the rationale behind double-charging for iced-coffee refills (he could probably run for public office on that platform).

Obviously, Dicky and his people paid for gas and meals and editors, but they got access to the actual locations and cars and bottle service and such by simply asking if they could shoot there.