Lil Dicky Played Pickleball At Leonardo DiCaprio’s Mansion When They Met Making His ‘Earth’ Video

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Last week, Lil Dicky released the star-studded, animated music video for his new song “Earth.” Dicky recruited the likes of Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, and 24 other singers, songwriters, and celebrities to voice small, animated creatures. The chief mission of the song and it’s high-production video is to help bring greater awareness to our deepening environmental crisis. All the proceeds from “Earth” are going to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, a nonprofit that supports organizations dedicated to efforts to slow climate change and increase biodiversity.

On Earth Day, the Pennsylvania rapper stopped by the SiriusXM radio show Sway’s Universe to discuss how he was able to partner with the DiCaprio for the video and detailed the meeting he took at the Academy Award-winning actor’s mansion.

“He offered me a seat, he offered me a drink,” Dicky recalled. “It was a different type of water. The right kind of water.” The rapper was impressed by how passionate Leo actually was about the issue. ‘We sat, and there was a beautiful view, and we talked about the Earth. He literally cares so much about it. He gets worked up just talking to me about it.”

The meeting wasn’t all business, however. The pair also blocked out some time for physical activity. “We played pickleball,” Dicky said. “It’s like a mini-tennis game. He’s very competitive. I won once and he won once.”

“Did you use the bathroom?” Sway inquired intently. The “Freaky Friday” rapper confirmed that he was able to check out the mansion’s amenities. “It was one of those cool toilets. It flushed itself,” he said.

You can find the song as well informational videos about the environmental crisis starring Dicky himself here.