Lil Durk Gets Roasted On Twitter For Comparing Future To Tupac

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If there’s one thing rap fans are touchy about, it’s comparisons. Often, raps fans are surprisingly literal, and touchy to boot. So when Chicago drill rapper Lil Durk tried to show his appreciation for his contemporary and hero Future, rap fans on Twitter took offense, and let him know.

To break down the analogy, no, Durk was not saying that Future’s music is as good as Tupac’s. He is not literally saying that bar for bar, Tupac and Future are in any sort of competition. He is saying that in terms of cultural impact in the context of the time period that each existed in, they occupy a similar sort of role. While Future has yet to release anything as poignant and culturally aware as “Dear Mama,” “Brenda’s Got A Baby,” or “I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto,” he is still a hugely popular and controversial artist, much as Tupac was before his untimely demise. No one is saying that Future is a shoe-in for the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame here.

But none of that will ever stop the Rap Twitter masses from responding with derision and ridicule, every time. Ironically, when rappers fail to acknowledge rap history, they are subject to much of the same. It’s a catch-22 that is an unfortunate fact of life in the era of social media and the “overnight” Soundcloud rap star. You can see some of the replies below.