Lil Durk And Kid Cudi’s ‘Guitar In My Room’ Video Is A Luminous Look At Rap’s Most Influential Signature Sounds

If hip-hop’s 50th-anniversary celebrations have taught fans of the culture anything, it’s just how expansive the music has been. Rapper Lil Durk and Kid Cudi are two shining examples of the genre’s growth. The two sub-section innovators linked up for a new track titled “Guitar In My Room.”

Both the track and its official accompanying video are spearheaded by Cole Bennett. As the second single off Bennett’s forthcoming compilation album, “Guitar In My Room,” is a luminous look at their duo’s influential signature sounds. To open the record, Durk lets listeners into his bittersweet reality.

“I’m in a room with my guitar, I’m tryna prove that I’m a star / But I hate when we keep distance ’cause it’s a difference with response / Keep it natural the first day, we gon’ watch Tubi in the car / Ask me what’s my motivation, I say, ‘The trenches,’ she say, ‘Why?’ / I was takin’ all prescriptions, them drugs / I wanna ask for your permission, don’t judge / Before you ever get a job, get a gun,” rapped Durk.

Cudi shifts the energy from gloomy to litty when it is his turn on the mic. “Caught you in a dream, I hit you with that sauce / If we aim at the moon, no, baby, we won’t fall / She said she miss that feeling / A real n**** that is so appealin’ / Keep it low, baby, I’m not leavin’ / Soakin’ up your glory days slow / If there’s problems, I’ll solve ’em, no lie / You never had a n**** catchin’ all the signs / It’s time, baby, lost in the lights,” rapped Cudi.

Watch the “Guitar In My Room” video above.