Teyana Taylor And Melii Add Provocative Verses To Lil Durk’s Seductive ‘Home Body’ Remix

Chicago rapper put out his latest project, Signed To The Streets 3, in November after leaving Def Jam earlier in the year and signing with Alamo Records, prompting him to get “back to [his] street roots,” as he told Billboard when the album released. However, that didn’t stop him from getting a little romantic on “Home Body” with Gunna and TK Kravitz. Today, he switched things up again, heading to Harlem to bring a feminine presence to the suggestive record with the addition of Teyana Taylor and Melii, who deliver their own racy verses on the remix.

Teyana leads things off with a whopper of an intro, not holding anything back as she compares her sex game to crack cocaine and boasts that “you gon’ overdose.” Durk pops up to provide the hook before Melii takes over to remind listeners that she can’t be compared to anyone else. It’s a smooth take on the melodic flows that rappers have been using for a while, proving that the women can be just as uninhibited and clever with their provocative wordplay.

As a newcomer to the rap game, Melii especially has had a few standout moments as she builds her buzz, appearing on Meek Mill’s recent album, Championships, before releasing her own debut project, Phases, earlier this week. Intriguingly enough, both Melii and Durk joined Meek recently on his Motivation Tour, with Durk as opener and Melii popping out to perform her verse from “W.T.S.”