Lil Kim Was ‘Speechless And Honored’ By Beyonce Dressing As Her For Halloween

The Carters — Beyonce and Jay-Z — clearly won Halloween this year when they dressed up as The Notorious B.I.G. and Lil Kim to celebrate the holiday. As it turns out, Bey slayed us all even more than we thought because she had not one, but five Kim costumes she busted out for the occasion, all emulating another iconic look from the other Queen Bee.

Well, as much as the whole world loved Bey killing it on Halloween, imagine how incredible it must be to be the person Beyonce dresses up as. Safe to say, Lil Kim was elated, but she took to Twitter to confirm, saying she was “speechless and honored” by Beyonce honoring her. “I’m speechless and honored,” Kim said in one tweet with a photo of one of Bey’s costumes. “I’m still recovering from Beyonce’s slayage from Halloween and then this happens,” she said on another, before adding “This is so adorable and it’s even cuter because Jay-Z and Biggie were friends and he has his mannerisms down pat.”

It’s just about the exact reaction you’d expect from someone who found out Beyonce dressed up as them for Halloween. Check out Lil Kim’s Twitter reaction to Beyonce’s “slayage” below.