Lil Nas X Says He Has COVID And Symptoms Include Sneezing On His Penis While Watching Porn

A few days ago, Lil Nas X was forced to pull out of iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball Tour after members of his team tested positive for COVID. Now the rapper says that he himself has COVID and he’s dealing with it how he deals with most things: by joking.

Nas tweeted today, “now that i’m sure i won’t die from covid i will now begin making mildly funny jokes about having it.” He then fired off his first gag by referencing the Omicron/Omarion jokes that were making the rounds recently, writing, “i’m not sure whether i’ve had the omarion or alicia keys variant of covid but this has not been a fun journey.”

He continued, “i only talk to people who have covid now. u non-covid b*tches need to stfu. us coviders run this sh*t!” He then shared one of the symptoms he has experienced so far, tweeting, “covid really sucks. last night i was tryna watch porn then i sneezed snot all over penis lmao.”

All of the aforementioned tweets, aside from the sneezing one, have since been deleted.

Lil Nas X COVID tweets

Aside from COVID and the snot mishap, things have been good for Lil Nas X lately: He was named TikTok’s top artist of 2021 and Barack Obama included “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” on his list of favorite songs of the year.