Lil Nas X Explains ‘Coming Out’ To Some Kids Who Don’t Quite Get It

Lil Nas X has dominated the entertainment world for nearly three consecutive weeks. The streak began with the release of his latest single “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” followed by its controversial video, and by the even more controversial “Satan Shoes,” a customized pair of Nike Air Max 97s in collaboration with MSCHF. Through it all Lil Nas stuck to his trolling ways. But as the drama dies down, he joined a recent episode of Arts & Raps to answer some questions from a couple of kids.

One kid asked him, “What does it mean to ‘come out of the closet?” Sticking to his humorous ways, Lil Nas X said that it “means you’re like, ‘Hey everybody, I’m this thing and you guys didn’t even know that but now you know.” Soon after, another child asked, “Why are people in the closet in the first place?” The singer replied, “Back to the thing I said earlier about [how] we think about what other people think about us. Once we tell somebody we’re this thing or that thing, their mind shifts completely. It doesn’t matter how close you are to them or whatever.”

This answer led into a quick “closet story” from one of the show’s young co-hosts, in which they talked about locking his cousin in a walk-in closet and flickering the lights on and off while screaming “666” and “Bloody Mary.” Lil Nas tried his best to hold back from laughing and said, “That’s exactly what happened to me. That’s what I meant when I said I was coming out of the closet.”

You can watch the full episode in the video above.