Lil Nas X Recruits Michael J. Fox To Help Him Announce A New Single, ‘Holiday’

Lil Nas X fans have spent the past few months watching the rapper teasing new music and charting the progress of a new album. Nas offered quantitative updates about how complete his album is with percentages, and last month, he declared that November would be “Nasvember.” Now, a few months into Nasvember, Nas is about to deliver, as he has dropped a teaser for his next single, “Holiday.”

The 48-second teaser video is a clear continuation of the “Old Town Road” cinematic universe. It begins with Nas, on horseback, entering the frame through some sort of portal. He finds himself in an Old West-style town, where a drunk Santa Claus is kicked out of a saloon. The jolly man collapses on the ground, and Lil Nas X takes his hat, which, like the movie The Santa Clause, reveals that he is the new Santa. Suddenly, his horse is transformed into a reindeer and he becomes more Santa-like himself. In another cinematic homage, he and a team of reindeer take off into another portal, at which point Back To The Future star Michael J. Fox to say, “Whatever you do, Nas, don’t go to 2020.”

The song comes out on Friday, so ahead of then, watch the “Holiday” teaser above.