Donald Trump Invited Lil Pump Onstage At A Rally After Calling Him ‘Little Pimp’

Lil Pump has come under fire in recent days after he expressed his support for Donald Trump last month. Over the weekend, he attended a Trump rally in Florida, and he then followed the president to his rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan last night/this morning and got on stage after Trump invited him to speak (and after Trump called him “Little Pimp”).

At the rally at around 1 a.m. this morning, Trump noted, “Speaking of sound, music, and other things, one of the big superstars of the world, Little Pimp…” He trailed off as he spotted the rapper in the crowd before continuing, “There he is. How’s it going? Do you want to come up and say something? Do you want to? Come on. Little Pump, come on, come on up here. Does everyone know who he is? Do you know how big he is?”

Pump got on stage, shook the president’s hand, got behind the podium, and spoke briefly, saying, “Hello everybody, how you guys feeling? I come here to say: Mr. President, I appreciate everything you’ve done for our country. You brought the troops home, and you’re doing the right thing. MAGA 2020 20, don’t forget that! Don’t forget that, and do not vote for Sleepy Joe at all!” Pump and Trump then shared a brief exchange as the rapper left the stage.

Watch the video above.