Lil Pump Doubled-Down On His Trump Support By Attending A Florida Rally

“Gucci Gang” rapper Lil Pump recently drew a lot of attention — and anger — from hip-hop fans after co-signing Donald Trump on his Instagram with a post complaining about his taxes. While it would have been easy to write the post off as a troll, like 50 Cent’s similar post a couple of weeks ago, it looks like Pump really is going all-in on his support for the incumbent. Over the weekend, Pump attended a Trump rally in Florida, posting live from close to the front of the stage.

It’s probably worth noting that the last time Lil Pump’s Instagram Story drew this much attention, it was because the “Be Like Me” rapper had posted cryptic slides that prompted concerned fans to worry about his mental health. “Not feeling good right now,” he wrote at the time. “Idk if I wanna keep doing any of dis. I feel like Ima die soon & all dis will be over.” Earlier this year, he appeared to be bouncing back after announcing his retirement, then returning days later with a new sound.

His erratic behavior has been mirrored in that of other rappers who previously showed support for Trump. In 2016, Kanye West met with Trump at the Trump Tower after having a breakdown on his The Life Of Pablo tour, leading to nearly four years of concerning behavior culminating in West seemingly denouncing Trump to run for office himself. Meanwhile, Lil Wayne was also recently berated by the rap community for endorsing Trump’s so-called “Platinum Plan.”