Lil Pump Cosigned Donald Trump And People Are Highly Upset About It

Lil Pump is used to causing a stir. As part of the wave of SoundCloud rappers who broke out in 2017 with catchy hits and shiny new record deals as a result, Pump got flamed a bunch online by older rap fans offended by his unusual look, sudden success, and apparent disregard for the history and traditions of the genre. However, now he’s getting excoriated for a different reason: Sharing his political opinions. True to his well-established troll-ish form, the “Gucci Gang” rapper posted a video decrying Joe Biden’s tax policy and saying, “Trump 2020, bitch.”

He also posted a photoshopped picture of “himself” shaking Trump’s hand. In truth, it was a photo of one of Trump’s patented awkward handshakes with Japan’s former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with Pump’s head dropped onto the PM’s body. Given Pump’s prior propensity for kicking hornet’s nests over the past three years, it probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that he’d say and do controversial things for attention, yet here we are. People on Twitter were predictably miffed, launching several barrelfuls of digital vitriol the 20-year-old Floridian’s way — along with the usual memes, jokes, and countertrolls.

Pump joins fellow rap trolls 50 Cent and Kanye West in fielding criticism for their seeming endorsements of Trump. Of course, Kanye has been accusing of launching his whole “campaign” in order to benefit Trump’s own by splitting potential Biden votes (although truth be told, it’s just as likely to have the opposite effect, considering their overlapping “platforms”), while 50’s own joke about Biden’s tax plan drew the ire of fans and an offer from his ex Chelsea Handler to pay his taxes.

Check out Pump’s video — and fans’ incensed responses — above.