Lil Tecca Plays Cupid In His Daydreaming ‘Out Of Love’ Video

Teen rapper Lil Tecca first exploded into stardom with 2019’s breakout song of the summer, “Ransom” and its remix featuring the late Juice WRLD. After following up with a handful of singles, including “Glo Up” and “IDK,” it seems that the young performer has found his second big hit in the form of “Out Of Love,” which arrived two weeks ago and has since racked up millions of plays on Apple, Spotify, Tidal, and YouTube.

Today, Tecca followed up with the daydreaming video for the Nick Mira and Taz Taylor-produced single. The video throws it back to high school (which wasn’t all that long ago for Tecca), when girls hung up posters of their celebrity crushes and choreographed dance routines to their favorite songs. Nowadays, those dances get uploaded to TikTok in the hopes of sparking viral challenges but once upon a time, they were just a way for kids to bond with their closest BFFs. The “Out Of Love” video resurrects that era — which was literally just two years ago — and finds Tecca contrasting his newfound fame with his self-conception as just another boy next door.

As Tecca’s fans crush on him from the safety of their bedroom shrine, Tecca himself floats on cloud made of hearts and dances with his own homeboys in the luxurious new settings in which he finds himself. There’s no word on when Tecca will follow-up last year’s debut album We Love You Tecca, but he’s already showing promise and polish — as well as leaning into his newfound status as a teen heartthrob.

Watch Lil Tecca’s “Out Of Love” video above.