Lil Yachty Made His Television Debut In A Full-On ‘Dumb And Dumber’ Suit

Lil Yachty made his television debut last night, performing his song “Bring It Back” in a prom suit straight out of Dumb & Dumber. But given that the vast majority of Yachty’s fans probably aren’t familiar with that film, as it was released nearly a decade before they were born, let’s just point out it’s a cousin to the suit from his great video for the Teenage Emotions track.

Yachty performed to an excited crowd outside of Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘s studio to celebrate the release of his debut album. The delayed debut has already caused quite a stir thanks to its cover art — which sparked a controversy that surprised the photographer who shot it.

“When it dropped on his Instagram and I looked through the comments, I was seeing all this anti-gay sh*t,” Kenneth Capello said in a recent interview. “It made me go, ‘Oh, that’s still where we’re at.’”

And Yachty’s tendency to be a lightning-rod for old head criticism has amplified the din of pooh-poohing around the 21-track effort. To a certain subset of the rap world, Yachty is a colorful and beaming example of Everything That’s Wrong With Hip-Hop Today™. This argument is just as wrong now as it’s always been. And judging by Yachty’s shimmying performance, he’s not sweating it too much. Give it a watch up top and stream Yachty’s debut right here.