Lil Yachty Paid A Fan $500 To Drink Their Own Pee During An Instagram Livestream

A number of musical acts have turned to Instagram Live to keep themselves and their fans entertained. One example of this: Tory Lanez and his new Quarantine Radio show. Along with guest appearances from a number of artists in the music industry, the show invites everyday fans to participate in twerk contests for the duration of the show. Another artists who’s turned to Instagram Live is Lil Yachty, whose recent programs have toed the line between entertaining and demeaning.

Nearly two weeks ago, the Atlanta rapper convinced a fan to shave off their eyebrows for $200. He got another fan to eat deodorant. Yachty upped the price to for his latest request.

Hosting another iteration of his “talent show” on Instagram Live, Yachty invited the fan to drink his own pee. The fan complied and headed to his bathroom before realizing his sister did not quite flush during her last visit. Yacthy then dared the fan to drink his sister’s urine, which the fan did, all while Yachty watched in disbelief, all while egging him on. The fan’s reward was a deposit from Yachty to his CashApp account.

You can watch the ordeal, if you want to, in the video above.