Have Half A Million Dollars? Maybe Lil Yachty Will Sell You Drake’s Half-Eaten Pizza

Lil Yachty is an extremely successful professional musician, but that doesn’t mean he’s about to stop hustling and exploiting financial opportunities when they present themselves.

Over the weekend, Yachty joined Drake for a live stream with Stake, and during the broadcast, Yachty joked that he could quickly make some pretty good money by selling a slice of pizza that Drake had taken a bit out of. Indeed, later that day, Yachty posted a photo of the partially eaten slice on his Instagram Story and wrote, “Selling this drake bit slice of pizza for 500k.”

Presumably, Yachty is just joking around here. That said, if a serious buyer actually presented Yachty with half a million dollars in exchange for the pizza, that would probably be hard to turn down.

Meanwhile, Drake recently popped up in the season finale of Dave. Throughout the season, there had been nods to Drake, and sure enough, in the finale, he and Lil Dicky finally met up. Real-life Dicky said of Drake, “Drake is like the top of the mountain top musically and as a rapper. I had met Drake and he pulled me aside and told me the show is one of the more important shows of our generation and I knew he was a fan.”