Drake Thinks ‘Dave’ Is ‘One Of The More Important Shows Of Our Generation,’ According To ‘Dave’ Star Lil Dicky

The running joke of Lil Dicky‘s semi-autobiographical FX comedy Dave is the character’s outsized ego — something that the real-life Dave Burd may have in common with his fictionalized counterpart. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter about the show’s recently aired season 3 finale, Dicky discusses the episode’s celebrity cameos, crediting one in particular with validating some of his massive sense of self-confidence. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Among the guest stars who appear in the season’s final episode is Rachel McAdams, carrying over from a previous multi-episode storyline that sees Dave meeting his “dream girl” while the real-life woman with whom he’s developed a relationship slips away, Brad Pitt, who gives Dave advice about love and stardom before apparently being grievously injured by one of Dave’s oddball splurges, and Drake, who represents everything Dave wants to be (since the borderline delusional aspiring rap star hasn’t apparently paid much attention to Drake’s lyrics while “looking for love”).

According to Dicky, Drake was a fan of the show before appearing on it. As Dicky puts it, “Drake is like the top of the mountain top musically and as a rapper. I had met Drake and he pulled me aside and told me the show is one of the more important shows of our generation and I knew he was a fan.”

Hopefully, the Certified Lover Boy has some advice for the fictional Lil Dicky or I fear the show’s protagonist may never grow up and find the love he’s been looking for… Something Dicky says is contingent on him learning some self-love first. “Until you actually love yourself and remedy yourself of that void, how can you possibly take on the love of another person?” Yup, it’s a funny show — but it also makes you think.

[Via Billboard]