Lily Allen Will Literally Defend Kanye West With Fire

ATTENTION: Lily Allen will not have you disrespecting Kanye West.

I’m looking at you, random person at this year’s Glastonbury festival. You probably thought you were a clever, revolutionary man of the people when you hatched your plan to make a “F*ck Kanye” flag and mounted it for all to see. Sure, not everyone was cool with Kanye performing and, just maybe, waving that flag might have gotten you a few high-fives, possibly even a free beer or two. Good for you. But just know, Lily Allen IS NOT COOL with your actions.

Sheezus saw this flag and took action. And when the smoke had cleared (literally), Allen proudly waved her revised version of the flag, one that simply said “Kanye.”

Allen explained her actions on Instagram

“The flag said F*CK OFF KANYE .so I burned it till it said just KANYE . Don’t go for dinner at someone’s house and tell them their food sucks.i should be clear that this picture was taken BEFORE Kanye played on Saturday.”

You can follow along with the action with this series of Instagram videos.

Step 1: Remove flag from its place


Step 2: Make a quick getaway


Step 3: Burn flag


I have to admit, though, I’m left with a few questions. Like who is this “@sebchew” fella? And whose Jeep is that? And, most importantly, whose camp site is that?

This story is obviously developing, so stay tuned.