Lin-Manuel Miranda Was Joined By The Rock To Sing Disney’s Greatest Hits

08.08.16 3 years ago 5 Comments

Now that Lin-Manuel Miranda is no longer starring in the titular role in his hit Broadway play Hamilton, people have to look elsewhere for their Miranda fix. Fortunately, he wrote music for Disney’s upcoming animated film Moana, and to help promote that, he took over Disney Animation’s Instagram account. He used the opportunity to sing songs from Disney films, and it included an appearance from one of Moana’s stars.

Miranda did some classic tunes from films like Aladdin and The Little Mermaid, plus some songs from less beloved Disney outings such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. However, things got knocked up a notch when Miranda busted out Beauty and the Beast’s tribute to the burly villain Gaston. This time, Miranda was joined by The Rock himself, Dwayne Johnson, a man so muscular he could easily play a live action Gaston if given the chance.

Johnson was also part of a singalong for a song from Moana. Given Miranda’s track record, one can only assume this song will become a huge, inescapable hit. If you want to hear the guy who wrote Hamilton and a guy who used to ask us if we could smell what The Rock is cooking sing about the exploits of Gaston, now is your chance.

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